Emergency & After Hours

Premier’s primary care offices have a physician on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

After hours, Premier’s answering service will contact the doctor on-call who will return your call promptly. Please remove any blocks to Caller ID features on your telephones so the doctor will be able to contact you.

If you are a patient in one of Premier’s Internal Medicine offices and feel that you need to be seen after your physician’s office is closed, please contact one of our Family Practice offices where we have evening hours several days a week and would be happy to schedule you for an appointment if your own doctor is not available.

If you or your family member is experiencing a true emergency, call 911.
You may also call the emergency room at Forbes Regional Hospital: (412) 858-2321.

Phone: (412) 243-1945
Phone: (412) 380-2750
Phone: 412-342-6020
Phone: (412) 342-6030
Phone: (412) 825-0500
Phone: (412) 816-2273
Phone: (412) 242-0777
Phone: (412) 858-7618
Phone: (412) 825-0500
Phone: (412) 816-2273
Phone: (412) 242-0777
Phone: (412) 856-5335
Phone: (724) 765-1425
Phone: (412) 371-6414
Phone: (412) 681-2103
Phone: (412) 373-6342