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Award-Winning Healthcare in Pittsburgh, PA

“Award-winning” medical practices aren’t always eager to share exactly what makes them so great, but at Premier Medical, we’re proud to add credibility to our trophy shelf. For us, being an award-winning practice isn’t just about accolades -- it’s about a top-performing “report card” that reflects outstanding patient care, effective leadership, and integrity as an employer, all of which translates to higher-quality care for you and the ones you love.

Additionally, the team at Premier Medical doesn’t just care about our own practic -- we’re concerned with improving and transforming medical care as a whole. We’ve launched a series of health initiatives in collaboration with other top medical practices across the country, including disease prevention, care management improvement, and medical excess reduction.

This isn’t about improving an industry -- it’s about providing proactive, preventive care that offers real results to real people at every stage in life.