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Our neurology team offers adult patients evaluation and treatment for a broad range of neurological conditions and related diseases that affect the neurological system such as migraines, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, concussion, trigeminal neuralgia, tremors and stroke.  Patients may also receive EMGs, EEGs, Botox injections, and Infusions from our neurologists.

The collaborative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches used by our neurologists will benefit the medical and rehabilitative needs of each patient and that patient’s unique set of circumstances.

Patients can be seen at One Monroeville Center, Irwin and UPMC St. Margaret.

St. Margaret Hospital Entrance

Office Hours

M8:00AM – 4:00PM
T8:00AM – 4:00PM
W8:00AM – 4:00PM
T8:00AM – 4:00PM
F8:00AM – 4:00PM

Phone Hours

M8:15AM – 4:00PM
T8:15AM – 4:00PM
W8:15AM – 4:00PM
T8:15AM – 4:00PM
F8:15AM – 4:00PM