Adult Primary Care

Choosing a primary care doctor will be one of the more important you’ll make. This choice needs to extend beyond a good relationship with a doctor. Today, primary care is the coordinated effort of clinical teams led by physicians. It is a complex operation where actual success is established by quality outcomes, innovation and efficiency.

Premier physicians and clinical team are nationally acclaimed for a higher standard of care. We are leaders and the area’s top advocates for better prevention and chronic health management.

Discover why Premier is able to deliver unrivaled care and why we might be the right choice for your care needs.


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Choosing Wisely

Healthcare is becoming a more shared decision-making process between patients and their clinicians. An initiative of the IBIM Foundation, Choosing Wisely is intended to promote a dialogue between patients and physicians intended for making better care choices. The rampant inefficiency in healthcare necessitates improved strategies for care. Unnecessary care, tests and procedures are wasteful in the form of increased costs, reduced efficiency and the potential risk harm.



Diabetes is a staggering $332 billion dollar problem impacting the health 1 in 11 US adults and children. It brings a great risk of serious and potentially fatal health complications. Choosing the best available health care is vital for diabetics and those at risk of prediabetes. Together2Goal is an AMGA chronic care campaign aimed at improving the care and health for 1 million people with type 2 diabetes by 2019.