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There is a national roadmap to better patient care – Patient-Centered Medical Home. NCQA’s PCMH program was a visionary new program advancing the cooperation and coordination within primary care to improve patient health and the overall care experience. Individual care becomes more effectively managed through the effort of a designated lead physician and a supportive clinical team.

In 2011, Premier’s clinical team began implementing a national patient-care program – Patient Centered Medical Home.

By mid-2013, Premier had successfully implemented the program’s standard across all seven adult primary care practices and was given the NCQA’s highest accreditation – Patient-Centered Medical Home Level 3.


There are national campaigns to improve many facets of healthcare – quality, affordability, timeliness, efficiency and patient-focus. NCQA’s Patient-Centered Medical Home program was well aligned with Premier’s innovative culture of pursuing better patient care.

Premier’s physicians and its leadership opted in the beginning to advance our model of care. We choose to deliver higher quality health outcomes, increased efficiency and lower costs to our patients. None of which is consistently achievable under the nation’s traditional fee-for-service approach to care.

What It Takes

To offer this higher level of preventive disease and care management services to patients, Premier had to make a substantial investment:

  • Investment and training in health record technology
  • Boosting our medical staff across many staffing levels
  • Increased staff training on PCMH
  • Organization-wide physician commitment and dedication
  • Leadership and management involvement
  • Operational confidence and a sound infrastructure

Very few organizations in the country have the operational structure and company-wide dedication to achieve any level of PCMH. Far fewer providers are able to maintain their status. This is due in part to the program’s meticulous quality standards, which are designed to ensure the highest quality care possible for the patient.

Why It Matters To You

Reaching PCMH Level 3 accreditation further solidifies Premier’s unmatched commitment to our patients, our communities.

The patient experience is a more effective and efficient managing of their care. Improved coordination, follow-up and a clinical team are in place to close loops and best meet the specific patient’s needs across all levels of complexity.

Ultimately patients rely on their designated “home” physician, as the lead collaborator ensuring there is a plan of action for their health.

Read more about PCMH in our Patient Resources section or click here to view the press release.

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