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Our Value Driven Care

At Premier, your experience is driven by higher quality, efficiency and a collaborative patient-provider relationship that will support your best health. Regardless of the complexity of your health, we will work to provide you a better care experience and improve your health situation.

Our approach to patient care is based on quality and efficiency. We operate in a more efficient manner improving the patient experience and allowing for more dedicated care keeping patients healthier. Quality or value-driven care is not yet the national standard. The fee-for-service model is still widely practiced nationally and in the Pittsburgh area, driving overutilization of office visits, medical testing, procedures and hospitalizations. The disadvantages are higher costs, lower health outcomes and inadequate patient experiences.

At Premier, your best health is our singular motivation and mission. We’ve assembled a committed, skilled team of physicians and clinical teams who continue to be nationally recognized for being front-runners for providing outstanding patient care.

Adult Care Areas of Focus:

  • Preventive care and health maintenance
  • Acute-care treatment (common viral and bacterial infections)
  • Routine physicals and check-ups
  • Chronic disease diagnosis and treatment (COPD, heart disease, diabetes, etc.)

Chronic Illness Care

If you find yourself living with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, receiving care at Premier may be a welcome solution for you.

At Premier, we are delivering exceptional quality and care that is making significant progress for those suffering from chronic conditions. We have spent the last decade advancing our model of care to be creative, innovative and forward thinking to prevent disease.


We are going to care for the “whole” patient addressing your current health and factoring in preventive care needs. We have also integrated mental health services into our care model because mental and behavioral health issues are often associated with chronic care.

Continuum of Care

For complex health concerns, primary care and specialist will work together toward a plan for your care. Your primary care doctor will take the lead as part of your “medical home”. He or she has a broad clinical staff managing your health, before and after you leave the exam room.


Our clinical team uses a sophisticated technology platform to manage the details surrounding your health. Your electronic health record is a “live” picture on your health and what needs to be done. We use it to stay informed on your vitals, blood work, test, future appointments and medication compliance. It is a powerful tool in the war on chronic illness.

National Collaboration

At Premier, we form beneficial alliances with other leading health organizations across the country. Through these relationships, we share critical information about care, treatments and patient population health in order to deliver best practices back to our communities.

Patient Involvement

You are an essential partner for improving your own health. Your engagement with our staff and commitment to a progressive treatment plan is a vital determinant in our success in managing a chronic condition. We want you to feel at your best, but we need your commitment to do that.

Preventive Care

Most of us recognize that healthy living begins with preventing illness, injury and maintaining wellness. At Premier, our experienced providers and highly trained, clinical teams are nationally recognized for excellence in preventive care.

Premier is committed to keeping you as healthy as possible.

Team Approach

Delivering the highest level of quality care takes a great deal of cooperation and coordination outside of the exam room. Patients benefit from our lead physicians working with nurses, physician assistants and clinical coordinators to maintain a comprehensive picture of your health.

Your best health will come with your participation and input. Together, we will work towards wellness and disease prevention.

Convenient Care

We want our care to be convenient and accessible for our patients. Premier offers 23 specialties and medical services in ten locations. Patients can choose evening and weekend appointment times in many of our primary care offices.

Technology and Population Health

Powerful technology platforms are advancing the way for improving diagnosis and treatment for many preventable and manageable diseases and conditions. National reporting and sharing of population health data allow our providers to see what is working and continue improving care to produce better patient outcomes here at home.

Fundamental of Our Preventive Care

Annual Well Visits
Preventive Screenings
Healthy Lifestyle Choices
Patient Engagement

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