Specialty Care

At times, your health will benefit or necessitate the focused expertise of a specialist. As part of Premier’s model of care, our primary care physicians take the lead in coordinating care to ensure the most appropriate actions are taken. This includes referrals to specialists. Our specialists work in tandem with primary care to deliver more efficient and comprehensive care. Patients and their families benefit from an improved experience with this “in-house” continuum of medical care.

Specialty News and Information

Laboratory Services at Premier

We offer walk-in laboratory services to our communities in our One Monroeville and Irwin locations. Additionally, Premier’s primary care offices offer these services to patients. See full details for locations and hours.


Outpatient Radiology

Most key radiology studies are available at the One Monroeville Center location. Our outpatient setting is more convenient and may be more economical than the costs associated with hospital facilities. Evening and Saturday hours are available.