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Few awards are as valuable to patient health as AMGA’s Acclaim Award. It is one of the most credible honors in the industry based on substantial patient results. The Acclaim was designed to inspire and drive quality performance and is reserved exclusively for physician-driven organizations rigorously embracing learning and innovation to advance the quality and value of the patient experience.

In November of 2016, this distinction was reserved for Premier Medical Associates recognizing our remarkable success and performance in improving patient health here in Pittsburgh.

In March 2023 (No awards were given in 2017, 2021, & 2022), Premier’s quality performance has once again been acknowledged by the AMGA as leading their efforts to affect change in the delivery of healthcare.


The AMGA, formerly known as the American Medical Group Association, is a leading voice in Washington DC and a forum for the country’s highest-performing health groups, advocating for patient health and healthcare transformation.

AMGA created the Acclaim Award in 1999 to recognize high-performing health systems, which are improving the quality and value of care, improving patient experiences and outcomes, fostering learning and innovation and improving population health. This is a very credible award chosen by some of the nation’s most elite leaders in healthcare from a blind application process. The results must speak for themselves.

Premier joined the very short list of multiple Acclaim Award winners in March of 2023. Our team was specifically chosen for remarkable success in patient health and quality improvements across multiple illnesses and disease states.

Outstanding Patient Health Results

Premier advanced our care delivery in several key categories in order to significantly improve the health and wellbeing of our patients.

  • Emphasis on preventive care and screening for diseases that are amenable to such efforts. Nearly 70% of the practice’s Medicare patients had Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs) in 2015. Immunization rates for adult vaccines are high, and screening rates for colon cancer are among the nation’s best.
  • Improving care delivery for chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart failure should reduce complications from these diseases and thereby reduce costs of
    care going forward for these patients.
  • Utilization of population health software helps to risk-stratify patients and focus care coordination efforts where they have the greatest impact.

Why It Matters To You

Recognize and value the impact of quality care in the lives of you and your family. The Acclaim Award is a powerful endorsement of Premier’s exceptional quality patient care and proof of our performance.

This level of medical care is uncommon for our region. Much of the United States relies on a volume-driven (fee-for-service) medical practices which encourage over-utilization of office visits, medical testing, procedures and hospitalization, resulting in a poorer quality of patient care and higher costs.

At Premier, the patient’s experience is driven by quality, efficiency and a collaborative patient-provider relationship to provide the best health outcomes.