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Premier Careers

Become a member of an organization that is effecting change at a national level. The Premier team is recognized for its excellence, vision and world-class medical care. We have a clear vision and strategy for the unrivaled quality of care and service our patients receive, so it stands to reason we invest heavily and choose carefully our team.

The work we do compels great dedication and effort. It is simply hard work, but it’s not without reward and significance. We have a critical impact in the lives of our patients. Therefore, the strength of our team matters each and every day. Because of this, we have created a workplace, which by the standards of many, is enviable.

If you see yourself as part of a hardworking team, someone who enjoys caring for others, someone who enjoys challenge, change and innovation, then consider learning about Premier. Find out if our work and our culture might be a good fit for you.


We have created a transparent work environment where everyone is unified behind our mission for higher quality patient care. There is an everyday appreciation among our team and leadership for the value and contribution of each individual person.


Our employees recognize and appreciate that we have a tenured and experienced leadership team actively involved in how strategies and goals translate to the exam room and the work of the individual employee. They are the champions and cheerleaders of the organization’s outstanding culture maintaining an open, communicative and happy workplace.


Premier is known for excellence in operational execution and a higher standard of care. Empowering our employees to integrate within their team and perform well begins with in-depth training and job-site mentoring. We want to promote confidence and eliminate the fear that often comes with a new job and workplace.


Awards and recognition feel great. It is part of keeping our organization healthy! At Premier, not only do we receive national awards and recognition, but also we make sure to celebrate individual and team efforts. We recognize and award clinical achievements and educational accomplishments of all of our staff. We even have some fun awards, such as our Fitbit stepper competition that can be quite competitive.


We are always looking for ambitious, rising stars in our ranks. Our organization is just the right size to offer opportunities to move around our practices or take a leap from one level to another with skill and training. In-house promotion is considered a positive and powerful asset within Premier.