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Award-Winning Healthcare in Pittsburgh, PA

“Award-winning” medical practices aren’t always eager to share exactly what makes them so great, but at Premier Medical, we’re proud to add credibility to our trophy shelf. For us, being an award-winning practice isn’t just about accolades -- it’s about a top-performing “report card” that reflects outstanding patient care, effective leadership, and integrity as an employer, all of which translates to higher-quality care for you and the ones you love.

Additionally, the team at Premier Medical doesn’t just care about our own practice -- we’re concerned with improving and transforming medical care as a whole. We’ve launched a series of health initiatives in collaboration with other top medical practices across the country, including disease prevention, care management improvement, and medical excess reduction.

This isn’t about improving an industry -- it’s about providing proactive, preventive care that offers real results to real people at every stage in life.

Raising The Bar

Premier Medical Associates is a high-performing health organization delivering an advanced care model to the more than 100,000 patients in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh. Recognized as a national leader in healthcare transformation, Premier is headed by a nationally awarded physician and leadership team, representing over 400 employees. Premier delivers a higher quality of care to its communities and patients through a resolute commitment to prevention, immunization, whole-body health and patient-centered care.

Premier Medical Associates, an affiliate of the Allegheny Health Network, is the largest multi-specialty physician practice in the Greater Pittsburgh area with 100 providers, 22 medical services and specialties delivering care in 10 convenient locations.

Currently, Premier has advanced to become one of the country’s exemplary healthcare organizations evidenced by its operational sophistication paired with an outstanding culture of innovation, collaboration and execution.

Top Work Places 2021 Award


Founded in 1993, Premier’s leadership team led a transition that made the company independent in 2004. Premier’s independence allowed the company to focus on building a stronger model of patient-centered care and expand operations to include critical services and specialties that provide a continuum of care to PMA’s patients. In December 2011, Premier Medical Associates affiliated with Highmark and today is an affiliate of the Allegheny Health Network.

Noteworthy Facts

In the fall of 2016, Premier received the prestigious AMGA Acclaim Award.

Premier employees’ blind survey responses have successfully named Premier Medical Associates as a TOP Workplace for 2022, its ninth consecutive award in the nine years of participation.

Premier physicians and their clinical teams are nationally ranked among AMGA organizations as elite performers in many national health initiatives (Together2Goal, Measure Up, Pressure Down, Adult Immunization Collaborative).

Premier physicians consistently deliver the highest quality rankings among the region’s leading insurance providers.

Pittsburgh’s top healthcare insurers report Premier’s patient population to be healthier with often double-digit lower costs.

Optum and AMGA recognize Premier to be a leader in population health management.

Premier employees consistently report the company’s culture, training and opportunities for advancement to be the best they’ve experienced in their careers.

Premier’s strategic mission and internal culture benefit significantly from the expertise of its long-tenured executive and physician team who provide constant stability and foster innovation.