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Our Medical Services

Patients benefit from convenience and collaboration when choosing medical services available in an outpatient setting at Premier operating locations. Within Premier, our doctors and staff offer a continuum of care that brings a higher level of quality, service, efficiency and very often, lower costs for our patients in contrast to hospital-based services.

Blood Draw Services

Patients can receive convenient blood draw services at all of our locations, either within our primary care offices or a separate patient service center. All locations have prompt courier services throughout the day retrieving patient samples for the lab.
Laboratory Services


Outpatient imaging is conveniently located on the first floor of our One Monroeville Center location with extended weekday hours and Saturdays. We have a highly experienced on-site radiologist interpreting patient imaging promptly providing better service to referring doctors and patients.
Outpatient Imaging

Sleep Laboratory

Sleep medicine and the proper diagnosis for causes of sleep deprivation are key components of Premier’s preventive approach in adult primary care. We offer sleep studies at the One Monroeville Center location conveniently located in East Pittsburgh.
Sleep Medicine