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Population health is a very big and unfamiliar concept, but a powerful tool in transforming healthcare. As a leader in global innovation, health information and technology, Optum collaborates with the country’s most progressive providers, including Premier, to exploit powerful technologies in the war for better health. Optum joined with the AMGA to recognize Premier with the 2017 Innovations In Population Health award for our remarkable improvements in patient health.


Population health management is literally game-changing healthcare. This process of analyzing health data (health statistics, results, treatments, outcomes) across large sections of patient groups for the purposes of formulating better treatments across numerous diseases and conditions is impacting the health of millions.

Optum is a global technology leader bringing modernized and integrated technological solutions to healthcare. Partnering with the AMGA as part of their A4i collaborative, their technology is driving improvement in population health through national sharing of data and analysis with innovative AMGA members, like Premier.

Awards of this importance are essential milestones in advancing a national culture of innovation and sharing within healthcare. AMGA supports the highest-performing health organizations in the country with a business community and forum to advance care for the individual patient.

Our Results

Premier’s clinical teams utilize the Optum One technology platform to gain key insights into our patient populations. We track and manage at-risk patients with chronic and life-threatening conditions, and, at the same time, identify patients needing preventive screenings or care to protect them from future illness or health crisis. This added support of analytics is elevating both quality and value.

Improvements In Care:

  • Improving colorectal cancer screening rates significantly above the national average
  • Improving leading health indicators and wellness of our patients with diabetes
  • Controlling hypertension rates significantly above national averages
  • Reducing hospitalization, emergency room visits, and readmissions
  • Delivering higher levels of efficiency across care delivery processes

Why It Matters To You

In order to provide the best for you and your family, we plan to stay ahead of illness and disease, while remaining innovative in our care and treatments. We need to tackle the idea of who will be sick tomorrow and have a plan to prevent it. Population Health Management is a transformative way of bringing key information into the exam room faster.

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